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Do you want to give a gift but don't know what or how to choose it? Are you afraid that the recipient won't like it? We have the perfect gift! To simplify things, we created the gift card - VOG GIFT CARD!

You can offer the VOG GIF CARD whenever you want and to whoever you want!

We have several ceiling lights available ranging from €50.00 to €1000.00. Simply select the amount you wish to offer and it will not only be sent to you virtually, but will also be sent in physical format to the address you provide. This way you can give a gift in person.

The VOG GIFT CARD is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase! YES! One year of validity.

This way, whoever receives it has the flexibility to choose the gift they want, without tight deadlines and complete freedom of choice.


The gift card is valid for 365 days after the date of purchase. It may be used in any article on The VOG Closet website ( This card is non-refundable and can only be used to purchase items.

You can use it on items whose value is lower, equal or higher than the value of the gift card. If the item is of lower value, the remaining value will be saved and can be used for another future purchase.

To use the value of the gift card, you simply need to enter the code provided when you receive the Vog Gift Card at the online checkout. Simple, practical and the perfect gift!

Information note: We are not responsible for the use of the VOG GIFT CARD by third parties, as it can be used whenever and by anyone who has access to it.

The VOG Closet is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on our website. All items are pre-loved, mind for some possible signs of wear.


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